If you are just getting started with the vegan lifestyle, then you probably want to share the joys of the lifestyle with as many people as possible. It’s important to take care with vegan activism, though, because it is easy to turn people off if you evangelize too much, and it is also easy to get caught out if you aren’t well informed about the vegan lifestyle.

Most people know that vegans don’t eat animal products – but do you know how many things have animal products in them? Even some food colorings contain animal products, and there are dairy products hidden almost everywhere. Another thing that you need to pay attention to is things like clothing – would you wear something if it was made of leather?

Vegan activism starts at home. You have to be careful to assess everything you buy and everything you do. That means assess the water you drink, the carpet you walk on, and the air you breathe. We just moved and discovered that getting air duct cleaning is beneficial to indoor air health because the previous owners had three cats, and two¬†dogs, and one of the cats was a Siamese which is highly allergen producing. Even though it’s not eating meat per se, assessing your lifestyle can be tiring at first until you know what products have hidden animal products in them.

Remember, also, that non-vegans don’t want to be lectured. As an activist, it’s important that you bring people around to your side, not berate them until they switch off to the idea of the cause.