A few words about my own Vegan Activism – while I may have stopped eating meat for health reasons, it has changed the way I view them. I was trying to improve my health when I went vegan.

In the process of collecting recipes and learning about what I could eat and needed to avoid eating, I learned all about animal rights. It is almost impossible to go vegan without taking up the cause of vegan activism.

It has also made me much more careful about what I eat and how it is processed or treated. For instance, I am very aware of the dangers of pesticides in our food and even in our water.

While a general awareness of what’s in our food has become a national obsession, vegan activism probably gave it its start. To be vegan long ago meant having to make a lot of protein-packed meals purely from scratch.

It sounds like it should be easy, but in truth it was not. That’s probably the biggest takeaway these days. The people in the past have saved many animals’ lives while improving the health of the food that we all ingest today. I would say that a good deal of this is attributable to vegans.