I am trying to get fit, so I have decided to start following a vegan diet. This is not as simple as having a salad at every meal. In fact, trying to eat a balanced diet while cutting out animal products can be pretty complicated. I have done a good amount of research, but I know I still have a lot to learn. One thing I really have no idea about is vegan activism. I understand it to a degree, but I also feel like this is probably best left for people who are not eating animal products for moral reasons.

I really like meat and I really do not have anything against those that choose to keep eating it. My choice is purely about trying to lose some weight. This is probably why I am not in a rush to head out there and start protesting companies that test on animals and things of that nature. Who knows? Maybe one day I will feel differently about things, but for now I will just stop eating meat and let other people worry about who is wearing real fur and things of that nature.