Hi! My name is Kate and I’m a student at ASU. One of our assignments is to write a blog, and it can be about any topic that we want, but the point is to get experience blogging. So here I am!

My friends want me to get involved in vegan activism, and I am just not sure. I share a lot of beliefs, habits, and even lifestyle traits with them. We all tend to vote for the same politicians, listen to the same music, go to yoga studios together when we can, and we all drive hybrids or electrics.

One thing I definitely share with them is a love of vegan cooking. We love going to vegan restaurants, and I’ve learned quite a few vegan recipes at home. I certainly eat vegan when they are around, and I love the health benefits of the diet.

Yet that is perhaps where I differ from my friends. They take it a step further into vegan activism. I am content on the other hand to just enjoy a vegan diet, for the most part, as a personal choice, but I still have animal products from time to time.

It’s a personal choice for me, when it suits me, and so I don’t feel I have any right to judge others, but I am not going to judge my friends for fighting for what they believe in either.

A Quick Look At Vegan Activism And How You Can Get Involved

Vegan activism can sometimes have its limits within its own ranks. The reason I say that is because there are vegans, and then there are the real strict vegans. Vegans have to be strict in general because they take things several steps further than vegetarians. You can look at it as blurred lines, or you can just simply lay out the ground rules and follow them, making individual decisions as needed. Some people find that they don’t want to place as many restrictions on themselves.

Vegan activism therefore can mean something a little different to everyone. People that are very restrictive might be more proactive, but all vegans are upholding the same principles, give or take. There are people that will tell you that they are vegan, but…meaning there is a but. My sister and her partner were vegans for months, but they weren’t very outspoken about it.

Restaurants can be a part of the vegan movement and vegan activism by offering menu choices for vegans. Members of communities can start groups and join organizations online. If you network with other activists in the community, you can be sure your voice is heard, you can make friends, and you can get some more delicious vegan recipes.